GeoHarvest 1.0 (bta)
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GeoHarvest 1.0 (bta)

GeoHarvest is a tool that:

  1. downloads your images from a camera or card to your computer and saves their names in it's Memory
  2. automatically downloads the Track file from your USB GPS and saves the position data in it's Memory
  3. automatically combines these two sources of information to add position data to the exif of the images (GeoTagging)

The program is designed to work completly in the background based on predefined settings, so all you have to do is hit 'OK' to start image download after you connected your card or camera to the computer. GeoHarvest finds a point in a track log from a USB GPS receiver based on the time the image was taken. To get the best results make sure the camera time is set very accurately.

Although in bta stage and needing a little work to configure, GeoHarvest is functioning. Before publishing this bta I took it into production in my own photography business. If you like to try GeoHarvest please do so and send me your thoughts about it so I can improve it.

First read the Configuration Tutorial to set up the program.

Then see the Usage Example.

I wish you a very good and worry free GeoHarvest. Please send your comments to:
geoharvest - fotoflip nl (replace the - by the at-sign and add a dot before nl)

Philip Fahrenfort